For the Past two decades, on the frontier of the Internet

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Template websites littered the web. It was feared the art of the bespoke UX had been lost.

Powersimple, a web development firm founded by Ben Erwin in 1997, had been so busy serving agency clients, its own website had fallen into neglect. To do its portfolio justice, Ben envisioned something different.

At last, the time came to create a new, fresh theme. One that is both a masterpiece of data, but visually compelling. Built on a Node | Gulp | SASS foundation, querying the REST API, and integrating some of the most interesting JavaScript libraries, at last began Powersimple website began to take shape.

But this website was about the last decade, but what of the next?

Much has changed in the world of stacks, but not every new hyped technology is mature, nor is it for every use case and with so much competition in the market place, not all will come out a winner. From Virtual DOMs to Virtual Containers, being a full stack developer now includes DevOps.

The technological transfusion that the world is getting is tranformative. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, AI and Deep Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robotics and Self-Driving Cars, 3D Printing and the Internet of Things are on the verge of changing our global society. As many are unaware that these changes are taking place, Powersimple is keenly observing as the next wave of digital evolution unfolds.